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Percy's Christmas Gift Guide to 2019

Percy's Christmas Gift Guide to 2019

The festive season cometh and, as Lord Byron said;
"To have joy, one must share it."
As such, I’ve penned a veritable atlas of advice for you detailing the array of Percy Nobleman gift sets and kits that are on offer for gifting to those you cherish at Christmas.


Ultimate Grooming Box

Housed within a handcrafted wood box is a set of delights fit for a King. The box acts as an all-in-one grooming station, complete with a mirror inside for your loved one to behold their marvellous visage and style and comb their beard hair.

Designed with organisation and ease in mind, the box has compartments to house each product, helping you to save time each morning. Upon opening the box the recipient will discover all the necessaries for maintaining the most eye-catching beard and moustache.

Complete Beard Care Kit

If you are on a quest to discover a gift that covers all aspects of beard care, look no further than this Complete Beard Care kit. The Kit includes our Beard Conditioning Oil, Beard Wash, Beard Balm, Face and Stubble Moisturiser and a Folding Beard & Moustache Comb.

The set provides all one needs for the creation of a smart, healthy and conditioned beard and a sublime aesthetic. Our Beard Wash will cleanse without stripping one’s beard of its natural oil balance. Our Face and Stubble Moisturiser primes the skin for healthy beard growth and our world-renowned Signature Beard Conditioning Oil will condition and nourish.

To complete the recipient’s look, the kit contains our Beard Balm, exquisitely scented with Patchouli, Cedarwood and Dark Orange Oils, and our unique, handmade Beard Comb for taming and styling.

Traditional Shaving Kit

The art of shaving is not what it once was – but we can take you back! The ideal gift for the most classic and refined gentlemen this Traditional Shaving Kit combines innovation, grooming expertise and good old-fashioned nostalgia, bringing together
everything required to achieve the perfect shaving experience.

This gift will allow the recipient to feel in communion with shaving heroes of antiquity such as Humphrey Bogart, Gregory Peck &  Fred Astaire whose handsome angles were created with traditional shaving brushes and cream.

Our handmade Shaving Brush is designed for use with both our Shaving Bowl and Shaving Cream to provide ease of application and help to produce a silky-smooth, beautiful shave. Give the gift of a traditional grooming adventure this Christmas!