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Percy's Guide to Hair Styles

Percy's Guide to Hair Styles

Wondering where to start, what product to buy, and how to style your hair?
Percy is here to help! 



Want to look like Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street? Or is a 1920’s slick side-part your thing? This is your product. Unlike many others, it works well for thin and thick hair, as it’s primary purpose isn’t to add volume, or tame, but control!

You'll be pleased to hear that it does this all day!

Despite its similarities in viscosity to a 90’s hair gel, it makes up for that in style, and substance, without the crisp and flakey finish!

Medium shine and high hold. A smooth, water based hair styling aid. No product feels better when applied straight out of the tin. Our Pomade is the sleekest product in our hair styling range. 

 A 'traditional pomade' would be a simple blend of petroleum (think vaseline), mineral oil (think baby oil) with some fragrance.This leaves your hair heavy, weighed down and greasy. Percy’s Pomade is light, water based, easy to wash out, doesn’t crisp, and will leave you looking sharp! Big difference. 

Matt Clay 

Many men have converted to Matt Clay and never looked back. Be warned, it’s the polar-opposite to a Pomade. A thick, heavy, waxy product that is good for taming thick manes. Not recommended for men with thinner hair.

This product when applied to damp hair, will give you a matt, strong hold. When applied to dry hair, it will give you a matt, medium hold. Perfect for texturised, bed-head looks, and for giving that eloquently dishevelled appearance!

Our Matt Clay is not water based, so will need washing out. Although the oils in the product will help to condition your hair! 


Matt Paste

Arguably the most versatile product since the start of the grooming revolution. Perfect for adding volume to thinning hair, it’s light and easy to apply. Viscosity is a mid-point between a regular wax and a pomade. This paste washes out with ease.

This is our desert island hair product - Perfect for controlling thick curls, and when applied generously, like a Pomade, it will hold all day!

Styling Wax


I named this product my “Gentleman’s Styling Wax”, to exemplify it’s versatility to the modern man. Can you use it in your beard and moustache too? Of course!

One thing to consider - once applied, it gives a natural, low-shine finish and a medium hold.

Apply using the back of your thumb as a scoop and then heat the wax between your palm and fingers.


Keep it well groomed, gents!